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WBBM 780: American Islamic Center files lawsuit against Des Plaines city council [AUDIO]

WBBM Radio’s Bob Conway shares news of the case filed on Monday, September 16 against the city of Des Plaines, alleging that members of the city council were discriminatory in their refusal to issue an Islamic center’s zoning permit request.

WGN Radio: Suit filed in district court against Des Plaines [AUDIO]

WGN AM Radio reports on the recent case brought forth by CAIR-Chicago on behalf of the Bosnian American Islamic Center against the city of Des Plaines.

WGN-AM: Local Muslims call for dismissal of counter-terrorism trainer [AUDIO]

WGN-AM 720 spoke with CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab, about the trainings scheduled with local police from known anti-Muslim bigot Sam Kharoba.

WBEZ 91.5: Executive Director Ahmed Rehab blasts a racist greeting card [AUDIO]

Listen to CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director Ahmed Rehab on WBEZ discuss a greeting card that portrays a Muslim doll as a terrorist.

Rusty Humphries Show: Ahmed Rehab shares Muslim community’s reactions to the Boston bombings

Listen to Ahmed Rehab on the Rusty Humphries Show talk about the Muslim community’s reactions to the Boston bombings.

CBS Chicago: Lawyer delighted by ruling allowing suburban Islamic center to open

CBS Chicago reports on the ruling by a federal judge that voted in favor of a suburban Islamic religious center and their right to open.

NPR: In Chicago, dueling ads over the meaning of ‘Jihad’

In Chicago, a group has launched a bus and subway ad campaign meant to reclaim the term jihad from another series of ads that presents jihadists as violent.

On The Media: The struggle to claim the word jihad

Ahmed Rehab explains the real meaning of the word “Jihad” in an interview with On the Media.

Vocalo, 89.5 FM: Aymen Abdel Halim discusses the portrayal of Muslims in U.S. media

Shows like ‘Homeland’ and ’24′, or movies like ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ might make us think “this must be how it really goes down” – but how do you separate truth from fiction in media?

WBEZ, Worldview: Ahmed Rehab discusses the history of Egyptian cinema

Film contributor Milos Stehlik and Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago, discuss some of Egypt’s most well-known directors and the history of Egypt’s film industry.

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