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CAIR-Chicago joins "One Book, One Chicago" Community Discussion on "The Crucible"
October 15, 2007

Inaugurated for Chicago Book Week in the fall of 2001, the "One Book, One Chicago" program is launched each spring and fall to cultivate a culture of reading and discussion in Chicago by bringing our diverse city together around one great book.

Reading great literature provokes us to think about ourselves, our environment and our relationships. Talking about great literature with friends, family and neighbors often adds richness and depth to the experience of reading. The idea behind "One Book, One Chicago" is to have all Chicagoans read the same book at the same time to create a kind of citywide book club.

Mayor Richard Daley announced that the latest selection would be "The Crucible," the award-winning play by Arthur Miller that examines prejudice, fear and persecution.

Daley was quoted in the Chicago Tribune discussing the applicability of Miller's work today. "Many times after 9/11, unfortunately, a lot of people have looked at the Muslim community, the Arab community, in a much different way" than other components of American society, he said. "Also, the immigrant community -- many people are looking at the immigrant community in a completely different way. ... We can learn from our lessons in history, and maybe we haven't, and I think this is important to discuss." (08/31/07)

Who: Chicago Public Library and Steppenwolf Theatre

Discussion Participants:

Ahmed Rehab, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations;
Jean Fujiu, executive director of the Japanese American Service Committee;
C.C. Carter, director of community and cultural programming at The Center on Halsted; and community audience.
Steppenwolf Ensemble members James Meredith, Sally Murphy and Alana Arenas will perform readings of the selected book.

When: October 15, 2007 6:00 p.m.

Where: Harold Washington Library Center, Cindy Pritzker Auditorium, 400 South State Street

Visit: http://www.chipublib.org/003cpl/oboc/about_oboc.htm for more information about "One Book, One Chicago"

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