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CAIR-Chicago Employment Discrimination Project Successfully Resolves Retaliation Against Muslim Police Officer
May 5, 2006

CAIR-Chicago’s Employment Discrimination Project Coordinator Maaria Mozaffar successfully resolved a complaint of discrimination reported by a Muslim police officer. A long time Muslim employee of a police department brought a claim of discrimination to CAIR Chicago, stating he was a victim of retaliation because he had been moved from his desk job during day hours to night shift, on patrol. The officer felt this move in location was due a complaint he filed against his supervisor. CAIR-Chicago met with the legal counsel of the department, worked with the officer through the process of rectifying the situation, and negotiated to get the officer his old desk job. The negotiations resulted in not only getting the officer back to a desk job during the day, but also a guarantee that CAIR-Chicago will be intimately involved in representing the officer though the investigation of the initial internal complaint of discrimination.

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