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CAIR-Chicago Facilitates Naturalization for Muslim Man; Citizenship Delay Complainant Takes Oath
September 5, 2006

On August 29th, 2006, one of the first complainants of CAIR-Chicago's Citizenship Delay Project took the oath of allegiance to the United States of America, finally becoming a U.S. citizen after waiting for over two years after taking his citizenship examination. The man's application, alongside countless other Muslims, had been pending security and background checks.

CAIR-Chicago's Staff Attorney Heena Musabji represented the man in a secondary interview, after having filed a complaint in federal court on his behalf requesting a writ of mandamus that would order USCIS to adjudicate his application.

CAIR-Chicago continues to work on the cases of Muslims experiencing these types of delays, pursuing a class action lawsuit as well as individual complaints urging review of the delayed applications. The Civil Rights Department hopes the success of this case will encourage others to inquire into the status of their delayed citizenship applications.

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