Aminah Elaneizi

Communications Intern - Summer 2019

Aminah Elaneizi is approaching her senior year at Neuqua Valley High School and is aspiring to have a career that never stops creating opportunity to learn something new. She is set on leading society to a generation that is not afraid of pushing the envelope and having conversations that were not previously adhered to. She is also dedicated to continue furthering her education by attaining a master’s degree in what she decides as she does not limit herself. In her college years, she is looking forward to studying abroad, learning about how the geography of regions forms cultures and barriers. She will not turn down any opportunity to see something new or to do something spontaneously. It is also a goal of hers to become a more polished and confident public speaker, so that she may amplify others voices that were previously quieted. It is also important for her to be a contact for her community as well as having a network of other business professionals to communicate with and refer to. CAIR was a perfect fit as it is a platform that fights bigotry, promotes tolerance, defends civil rights and, does not minimize the voices of Muslims. In her free time she creates graphics, photos and, style into her life. Something that is priceless to her is reading, to travel somewhere through pages in minutes is incomparable. Some of her time is also spent volunteering with Muslim Women’s Alliance and extends her help every year to host Eid parties for refugees every year alongside other valuable events that serve various communities. At school she is a member of her Principal’s Advisory Council where upcoming school events are discussed as well as issues at school and how to utilize the student voice to solve those problems.

Saadia Pervaiz