Amir Mahmoud


Outreach Intern - Summer 2019

Amir Mahmoud is a 17 year old rising senior at Neuqua Valley High school. He is of Egyptian and Australian descent, has had a memoir published on a public Muslim website, and has helped the Webb foundation with their annual dinner video. He would like to attend UIC for the gen-ed classes, eventually, transfer to a more prestigious college, and graduate with a bachelor’s degree. He decided to apply due to his previous experiences, familiarity, and volunteering with CAIR-Chicago. He likes what the organization advocates for and has had a passion for it since he is a Muslim as well. It will also expand his knowledge on topics he wouldn’t have discussed with peers at school, or in any current setting for that matter. He wants something productive and meaningful to do in his free time and really feels like this is a good program to keep himself busy as well. He has had quite a few previous appearances with CAIR events. He was featured in the My Jihad Ads along with his family. He also gave the opening speech for the CAIR video presented at the 2015 annual CAIR dinner event; he was also in the video as well. He lastly joined Ahmed Rehab in filming the video advertising the turkey trip giveaway. As for his personal interests, Amir has always had a passion for film making, directing, and producing. All the work that goes into it is truly an enjoyable thing for him to do. He also enjoys photography as he finds it very peaceful as well.

Saadia Pervaiz