Becca Turley

Government Affairs Intern - Summer 2019

Becca Turley is currently an undergraduate at the University of Vermont where she is pursuing dual degrees in Political Science and Religion and a minor in Spanish as a member of the class of 2021. At her school, Becca is involved in various clubs and organizations on campus, like Explain the Asterisk, which works to dismantle rape culture on college campuses across the country. Once she graduates from university, Becca hopes to pursue a career involving international relations in the hopes of dismantling systems of oppression by engaging in the political system to affect change in the fight for the guarantee of universal human rights. Due to her passion of providing a voice for marginalized communities, Becca decided to join CAIR-Chicago to join the discourse surrounding the experiences of the Muslim community in Chicago and nationally, seeing the work done by non-profits as of paramount importance in educating the public in the fight against bigotry. Becca plans to study in Jaipur, India in the spring 2020 semester where she will explore various modes of sustainable development in India, learn Hindi, and conduct independent research on the Indian political system with an emphasis on the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party). In her free time, Becca enjoys reading, hiking the Green Mountains and Adirondacks, and cooking various cuisines which she picked up while traveling around the world.

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