Inas Mahmood

Civil Rights Intern - Summer 2019

Inas Mahmood is a returning Law Clerk for the summer session of 2019. She’s a rising 3L at DePaul University College of Law and is passionate about civil rights issues and combating racial and religious discrimination. As a future attorney, she wants to pursue a career in public interest law, specifically immigration/asylum, international human rights, or civil rights. Like many South Asian children, she was initially coaxed into pursuing a pre-med route in undergrad but quickly realized she had no passion (or even a fraction of the required math/science abilities) for the STEM arena. During her time studying abroad in Jordan in her junior year of undergrad, she had an eye-opening and life-changing experience visiting and assisting in several Syrian and Palestinian refugee camps. This lead to an epiphany that drove her fierce zeal and dedication to serve as a voice for the voiceless. Inas decided to join CAIR-Chicago because their mission statement is perfectly aligned with what she wants to accomplish in terms of her personal and professional goals. Confronting perpetrators of discriminatory practices, assisting refugees in dire need of asylum, actively documenting and denouncing hate crimes, and defending the Constitutional rights of aggrieved minorities are just a few of the cases Inas gets to work on at CAIR, and she could not be more enthralled to contribute to this organization. In her free time (which is virtually non-existent because of law school), Inas likes to binge-watch Netflix shows, try new restaurants around Chicago, and sleep as much as humanly possible.

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