Lina Aldadah


Outreach Intern - Summer 2019

Lina is a rising senior at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She is a Global Studies major with a concentration in human rights and a minor in Spanish. Working at CAIR-Chicago, she would like create a unity between different groups of Muslims as well as connecting with non-Muslims as well. Lina would like to break the pattern of most Muslim communities breaking off into groups based on culture or ethnicity. The United States is known for bringing all different races and ethnicities together however integration between these groups is rarely seen. She would like to take the skills she will be learning at CAIR and put them to use to create a more inclusive society. She believes CAIR-Chicago has done amazing work in the past to help defend the rights of Muslims, but also spreads so much awareness about Islam through many positive outlets. Lina found CAIR-Chicago’s work to be really inspiring and wanted to join immediately.  In her free time she loves running and hiking. She also loves watching college basketball, and her favorite team is Duke University. Lina has recently been very interested in the Islamic History of Spain, and lived in Granada, Spain to further expand her interests on the subject. Lastly, she has a fascination with languages and is currently trying to master Spanish and Arabic. Some interesting facts about her is that she was a competitive fencer for 10 years before she went to college, she’s traveled to 13 different countries, and loves to cook especially Hispanic or Asian cuisine. 

Saadia Pervaiz