Nailah Ali

Communications Intern - Summer 2019

Nailah Ali is an upcoming senior at Glenbard West High School who hopes to pursue a career that encourages lifelong learning as well as providing constant novel opportunities and experiences. Currently, Nailah is involved in her school newspaper, and has written a few articles that address the scope of academic life and events that affect her and her peers at school. She also enjoys connecting with the youth of her community, as she volunteers as an afterschool tutor at her local elementary school weekly. She communicates with the students in both English and Spanish as she helps them to understand concepts they struggle with, in varying subjects such as Math and Spelling. Aside from associating with the junior voices of her community, Nailah is a part of her library’s Teen Advisory Board as well. Alongside her diverse cast of colleagues, she collaborates on and supervises programs and activities attracting children, teens, as well as adults. Nailah is passionate about connecting with and helping empower minorities by providing the resources needed to succeed, thus resulting in her interest in CAIR. CAIR curates an environment that magnifies Muslim voices that are often misrepresented if not completely quieted in mainstream media. Nailah actively hopes to participate in the organization, as well as improve essential communication skills like public speaking and journalism. In her alone time, Nailah relaxes with miniature clay sculpting, reading, and her favorite app, Duolingo.

Saadia Pervaiz