Who We Are And What We Do

CAIR-Chicago is a relatively young chapter of the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) - the nation's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group.

Our work centers around three major areas: civil rights advocacy, political participation and empowerment, and media watch and outreach.

We work to challenge discrimination and all types of harassment leveled against Muslims in America. We strive to mobilize and educate our community about the political process, local and national. And we challenge inaccurate or bigoted media reports via published letters as well as direct contact with the offending reporter and their organization's editorial board.

Interacting With Us

As first time visitors, we would like to walk you through the sections of our website so that you may know where to find what you want when you want it.

Action Alerts bring the attention of our subscribers to relevant developments and issues in the news as they affect Muslim Americans.

Our Press Center is a repository for all our current and archived press correspondence, including press statements, press releases, and media advisories.

Our Events and Workshop section lists information about upcoming engagements that CAIR-Chicago expects to administer, partake in, or sponsor. This section will also announce other events concerning our community.

Our News section archives our latest developments and happenings. The News Briefs section collects news items that are relevant to American Muslims. Our CAIR-Chicago in the news section showcases media coverage of CAIR-Chicago's work and comments.

Our Proud to be Muslim section was designed to reaffirm our unique identity while reminding ourselves that diversity makes us stronger and that we are part of a larger group of people who themselves belong to various religious and racial backgrounds.

It is very important in our line of work, that our web visitors actively participate. Therefore our website was aptly optimized to accommodate your full participation. Via forms on our website, you can (1) file an incident Report alerting us to a case of discrimination requiring legal counsel. (2) You can file a Media Bias Report alerting us of a negative or unfair comment in the media about Islam. (3) You can Support CAIR-Chicago via donating on our secure site server. (4) If you are a member of the press you can use our Press Inquiry form to request information on any given story or topic. (5) If you are an organization looking for a Muslim speaker, you can fill our Request a Speaker form. (6) If you have any general questions or comments, you can reach us via our Contact Us form.

It is important that you are fully aware of your Rights; through our Resource Center, you can obtain the contact information of any of your represented officials or media outlet news desk editors.

On our website there is a link that enables you to Join CAIR if you are not already a member, and a link which displays information on how to become one of our official Partners.

CAIR-Chicago is a staunch believer in the talent, skill, and manpower of our volunteer base. Please visit our Volunteer Center for volunteer news and information on how to become a new volunteer.

Lastly, you can subscribe to our bi-weekly Newsletter for all the latest news, alerts, and events information.

There is much more to see and do, so please surf away and make sure to drop us a note if you think of ways in which we can improve our website or services. Click here to learn more About Us.

CAIR-Chicago's Recent News

CAIR-Chicago Recent Press Coverage

JAN - FEB: CAIR-Chicago Organizing Lecture Series on Islam

CAIR-Chicago is organizing a series of introductory level lectures on Islam with Elderhostel on a program titled "Building Bridges to Islam". The goal of this series is to offer close to 500 citizens of the Chicagoland area an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of Islam, as well as to interact with members of their local Muslim communities.


FEB 26: CAIR-Chicago Annual Dinner at the Islamic Foundation
of Villa Park

CAIR-Chicago will be hosting its Annual Event at the Islamic Foundation of Villa Park on February 26th, 2005. We strongly encourage you to attend. Professor M. Cherif Bassiouni will be the keynote Speaker. Click here to RSVP online, or call us at 312 212-1520.


A Word From
CAIR-Chicago's President

Dear Friends,

In the first month of this new year, CAIR-Chicago is proud to officially re-launch its services and renew its commitment to our community with a new downtown office, new online center, and full-time professional staff.

Throughout the past 4 months, our new staff has been working hard to lay the foundation and build the infrastructure necessary to poise us to take on new heights. As we emerge from this painstaking, yet crucial incubation phase, and enter into the full throttle engagement and services phase, we invite you to hop aboard, and bring your talent, expertise, and passion to our table.

We are excited about the work that lies ahead, and with your help - after the grace of God and with his permission - we are confident we can rise to it.

Safaa Zarzour
President of the Board

This issue is a special inductory issue. Subsequent issues will follow a specific section format:

Act Today!
This section will hold general correspondence - on what you can do - such as alerts and letter writing campaign instructions.

Media Review
This section will highlight some of the media stories and CAIR-Chicago's responses to them.

Progress Report
This section summarizes what has happened in the past two weeks in terms of projects, events, and achievements.

Upcoming Events
This section lists all the upcoming events/workshops and other relevant announcements.

Volunteer News
This is a corner of the newsletter dedicated to our volunteers and their work.

Join In
This is a hot button section with links to interactive web forms which you can fill out.

Team CAIR-Chicago
A quick link to the staff.

Executive Director
Yaser Tabbara

Director of Communications
Ahmed Rehab

Director of Governmental Relations Fadi Farhan

Operations Coordinator
Ahmed Zedan

Resident Intern
Nosherwan Yasin

Board of Directors
Susan Janaan Hashim - Treasurer
Dr. Shakeela Hassan
Alim Elliott Khan
Kamran Memon
Ahmed Rehab
Dr. Zaher Sahloul
Abdullah Salah - Vice President
Yaser Tabbara - Secretary
Safaa Zarzour - President

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For more information, please contact:

CAIR-Chicago (A Chapter of The Council On American-Islamic Relations)
28 E. Jackson Blvd, Suite 1009, Chicago IL 60604
Phone: 312-212-1520, Fax: 312-212-1530
Email: info@cairchicago.org, Website: www.cairchicago.org

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