feature212 CAIR-Chicago Fourth Annual Event A Success!
CAIR-Chicago | Feb.28.08

CAIR-Chicago's board, staff, interns, and volunteer activists would like to thank you for your wonderful support and for making our dinner a success.

feature211 Chicago Tribune: Smear Campaign Speaks Volumes About Society
Ahmed Rehab | Feb.24.08

OK, we get the point. Barack Obama is not a Muslim. He has made that clear, time and again. The broader issue is: What does this attempt to smear Obama say about our society?

feature210 CAIR Collects More Than 16,000 Letters on Gaza Blockade
CAIR-Chicago | Feb.26.08

It took just two days for the Center for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to gather over 10,000 letters in response to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

feature209 Chicago Airs “Prince Among Slaves,” Illuminates Early Muslim-Americans in Honor of Black History Month
CAIR-Chicago | Feb.04.08

Islam is not foreign to America. Rather, it has been part of our history since before the Declaration of Independence. In light of the prejudice many Muslims face today, stories of early American Muslims, like Abdul-Rahman’s in "The Prince of Slaves," are invaluable.

feature208 Streamwood cop one of few in suburbs who speaks Urdu
Daily Herald | Feb.11.08

As far as Sabih Khan knows, he's the first Urdu-speaking officer in the Northwest suburbs. "I just wanted to help the community I live in," Adeel Faridi said, discussing his willingness to also apply at a police deparment in the Chicago suburbs.

feature207 Some non-Christians feel left out of election
Reuters | Feb.03.07

"I welcome faith values if they inspire candidates to do good things. But I worry if it is used as a litmus test to include someone in political participation," said Ahmed Rehab, a spokesman with the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

feature206 Note to Obama: So What?
Chicago Tribune | Jan.31.07

It is a shame that anti-Muslim attitudes have become such an ingrained part of the American discourse that candidates for the President of the United States do not bat an eye when allaying "fears" that they are part of a religion.




Election season is in, know your rights and obligations, visit our new voter education and moblization website today at www.cair2008election.com.

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CAIR-Chicago Welcomes New Staff

Shahzeen Karim is CAIR-Chicago’s Interim Government Affairs Coordinator. She graduated with honors from the University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) with a degree in Criminal Justice and Philosophy and minors in Law and Society and Political Science. Read more about Our Staff at: http://www.cairchicago.org/staff.php.

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Veronica Zapata

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Amir Siddiqui

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