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Visit New Website Challenging Anti-Muslim Election 'Gimmick'


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Identity insults and democracy
A. Rehab for CNN Blogs | Oct.16.08

"Both campaigns as well as the political talking heads ought to send a clear message that no American should have to watch democracy from the bleachers due to their race, ethnicity, or religion," says CAIR-Chicago Executive director, Ahmed Rehab.

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Confronting Stereotypes
Lecture at University of Arizona
Countering misperceptions: Speaker challenges public's stereotypes of Islam, Muslims
Arizona Daily Wildcat | Oct.17.08

"Average Americans do not get information from the proper sources; instead they are casually provided with half-truths and exaggerations," says Rehab. "Dialogue shatters the myth that silence creates."

Mosque in Villa Park Vandalized for 4th time in less than 2 months
CAIR-Chicago | Oct.13.08

"The crime appears to be a part of a series of suspected bias-motivated incidents targeting the mosque including broken windows and spilled flammable fluid," said CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Director Abraham.

feature272 Misguided Letter Shouldn't Have Run
Morris Daily Herald | Sep.28.08

By publishing the hysterical letter the Morris Daily Herald managed to denigrate the entire religion of Islam. Nickels fails to see that Islam and America can and do co-exist, as I and seven million other proud American Muslims are proof.

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CAIR-Chicago Defends 120 Muslim Workers Fired From Plant
ABC 7 News | Oct.08.08

"All they want is the right to pray, and it's not an undue burden" said CAIR-Chicago attorney Rima Kapitan on the firing of more than 120 Muslim employees fired last week at the Swift plant in Greeley, Colorado.



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