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Visit New Website Challenging Anti-Muslim Election 'Gimmick'

feature281 New American Democracy Project Registers Over 1,200 New Voters
By Conner and Short | Oct.29.08

CAIR-Chicago, Mosque, Foundation, and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and refugee rights (ICIRR) joined forces this year to promote voter participation in the upcoming election, and their work has been a resounding success.

feature280 Muslims in U.S. praise Powell's remarks
Chicago Tribune | Oct.24.08

"With many politicians looking the other way out of political expediency, here was someone who called truth to power," said Ahmed Rehab.

feature279 CAIR 2008 Election Website Empowers American Muslim Voters
CAIR | Oct.29.08

The site offers insight into election developments that concern America’s Muslims, key positions of the presidential candidates, examples of anti-Muslim rhetoric from various campaigns, and information on Muslims running for public office.

feature278 Prayer issue draws Muslim group to Nebraska
Associated Press | Oct.22.08

CAIR-Chicago was in Nebraska this past week to document allegations of discrimination for a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). 120 Somali workers at a Swift Plant were fired over the right to pray on their break.

feature277 Muslims fighting citizenship delays may have ray of hope
Daily Herald | Oct.22.08

Since 2005, CAIR-Chicago has documented about 380 cases of citizenship delays in the Chicago-area Muslim community, and filed dozens of lawsuits on behalf of suburban Muslims like Iqbal facing "unreasonable" delays in being naturalized.





    • A Muslim employee of a correctional center complained of discriminatory termination and a hostile work environment. CAIR-Chicago is investigating the complaint and will advise the man of the options available to him.


    • Three Muslim men reported experiencing delays in obtaining their green card for permanent residency. CAIR-Chicago is following up with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regarding these delays.

    • Two Muslim men contacted CAIR-Chicago regarding delays in obtaining citizenship. The men applied for citizenship, completed all the necessary requirements, but have not been scheduled for an oath. CAIR-Chicago is incorporating these cases into its Citizenship Delay Project.

    • A Muslim man believes he was the victim of racial profiling at an airport in San Francisco. CAIR-Chicago referred the matter to the local chapter in San Francisco for investigation and follow up.

    • A Muslim man contacted CAIR-Chicago regarding deportation proceedings he is facing. CAIR-Chicago referred the man to the National Immigrant Justice Center for case review and possible representation.

    Child Custody

    • A Muslim woman going through a divorce and custody dispute complained that her ex-husband is using stereotypes about Muslims against her to obtain custody of their child. CAIR-Chicago is investigating the matter and will take whatever action necessary to prevent discriminatory tactics to be used throughout the proceedings.


    • TTen Muslims held in various correctional institutions throughout the state of Illinois have complained of harassment by prison officials and of being denied religious accommodation and access to literature. CAIR-Chicago is incorporating these cases into its Prison Project, and is pursuing these issues with the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC). These reported incidents mark an increase in the number of such complaints regarding IDOC.


    • A Muslim man is seeking religious accommodation at a public school where his son attends. The man is asking for accommodation so that his son may attend Friday Congressional Prayer Services (Jummah). CAIR-Chicago will contact the school to request a reasonable accommodation.

    • A Muslim student wearing the headscarf (hijab) was told that she could not student teach because her hijab would be a distraction for the students. CAIR-Chicago is investigating the matter and will take whatever action necessary to resolve the situation.

    Public Accommodation

    • Two Muslim women wearing the headscarf (hijab) were refused service at a local store. One store employee called the police on the women after having told them that she did not have to serve Arabs. CAIR-Chicago is investigating the complaint and will take whatever action necessary to resolve the matter.

    • A Muslim woman requested a female examiner conduct her driving test for a driver’s license in order to accommodate her religious beliefs. The woman was denied the accommodation. CAIR-Chicago is investigating the matter and will take whatever action necessary to resolve the situation.


    • A Muslim woman was threatened while driving on the highway, and felt that this threat was because she wears the headscarf (hijab). CAIR-Chicago is attempting to get more information and to report the offensive driver to the proper authorities.

    • A Muslim woman complained that men pulled up next to her while driving, and issued threats and profanity at her. The woman called the police with information to identify the perpetrators, but the police told the woman there was nothing they could do. CAIR-Chicago is investigating the complaint and will follow up with police to confirm their position.

Tuesday, November 4th


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