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Civil Rights Law Clerk - Spring '09

Charles A. Hollins is a Civil rights intern at CAIR-Chicago. He is a senior biology student at Chicago State University, where he serves the President of the Minority Association of Pre-health Students. Upon graduation in the spring of 2009 Charles will be commissioned in the United States Army Reserves as a 2nd Lieutenant. Mr. Hollins plans to continue his education next fall as a graduate student in Public Health Policy. Charles chose CAIR-Chicago organization because of continued effort and commitment to providing help to those in need of help. In his spare time, Charles enjoys watching movies, reading, running and traveling

Civil Rights Law Clerk - Spring '09

Sable H Tran is a Civil Rights Intern at CAIR –Chicago. She is a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she is an active member devoted to the Pre-Law Society. Sable is currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and English with a concentration in Race, Gender, and Sexuality. Sable enjoys volunteering at CAIR-Chicago because she is contributing to the mission of helping others. Sable’s interests include African American history in literature and art and cultural diversity. Her professional interests include civil disobedience, traditional cultural studies, and communication. Sable has a strong devotion to gender and racial equality and is working to enforce those values throughout her campus.

Civil Rights Law Clerk - Winter '09

Mika Reilly is a Law Clerk in CAIR-Chicago’s Civil Rights Department for the winter of 2008 -2009. She is now in her final year of a joint Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts degree at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. She was also involved in an exchange program with the National University of Singapore where she focused on international law. Mika is interested in human rights and the law, especially with an international perspective. Mika has lived in Chicago, Japan, New Zealand, Belize and Singapore.

Civil Rights Law Clerk- Spring '09

Jo Ann G. Lim is a Law Clerk at CAIR-Chicago. She is a student at DePaul College of Law, where she is a member of the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association and was a Louise Project tutor at Jones College Prep. Jo Ann graduated magna cum laude from the University of Illinois-Chicago in 2005 with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature. Jo Ann is excited to be working with CAIR because of its extensive work in civil rights and its commitment to advocacy and community outreach. In her free time, Jo Ann enjoys reading, cooking, spending time outdoors, and kayaking with friends.

Civil Rights Law Clerk- Spring '09

Mehran Mohammed is a Spring 09 intern in the Civil Rights department. He currently attends John Marshall Law School. He went to Northwestern University obtaining an Industrial Engineering and Management Science degree. Between undergrad and law school, Mehran worked as a Bonds Trader at Allston Trading. In keeping with the tradition of not working in the field studied, Mehran ultimately wants to run a charitable hedge fund. Mehran wanted to work at CAIR to give back to the community that had helped him so much. He will stay in Chicago as this is the greatest city in the world. Mehran likes to read The Economist, complain about Obama, travel abroad, and play basketball, football, and soccer.

Communications Intern - Spring '09

Haneen Arman is a spring 2009 communications intern. She is currently a junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago and is majoring in English. Haneen was inspired to work for CAIR due to it pure mission in preventing injustice towards Islam and Muslims in the media. Haneen thinks that this internship with CAIR will provide her with the strong professional skills in defense and reason that can only put her at an advantage for her desired future profession. After graduation in May 2010, Haneen plans to attend law school to become a federal/criminal lawyer

Communications Intern - Winter '08-'09

Isna Kugshia is a Communications Intern for the winter of 2008 and 2009. She is a second year student at the University of Illinois at Chicago where she is pursuing a degree in Biology with a focus in neuroscience along with a minor in religious studies. After undergrad she plans to enter pharmacy school. Her interest in religion and strong views on equality for American Muslims encouraged her to become an intern. Isna is eager to get a behind the scenes look at how CAIR-Chicago works to ensure that public discourse on Islam and Muslims is accurate and balanced. Isna is involved in various organizations including the Community Clinic, where she works in the Pharmacy Department.

Feature 306 Chicago Crescent: With Hope in the Air, Will Hate Radio Suffer?
Ahmed Rehab | Feb.23.09

"The Bush administration’s misguided pursuits could not have been possible without the cacophony of cheerleaders: talking heads and intellectual mercenaries who swarmed America’s newspapers and airwaves day in and day out, fanning the flames of fear and sensationalism with concocted historical revisionism and propaganda."


  • Media Advisory: CAIR-Chicago Files Bias Complaint on Behalf of Muslim Flight Attendant
  • February 16, 2009     


      • A Muslim woman was terminated from her job after attending an Eid al-Adha prayer session. CAIR-Chicago is investigating the issue and will take whatever action deemed necessary to resolve the matter. • A Muslim woman was harassed at her workplace for her hijab and her observance of her Muslim faith. CAIR-has advised the woman of the options available to her. • A Muslim man was injured at his place of employment and sought a doctor. The company he is employed at refused to compensate him and pay for his doctor bills. CAIR-Chicago has contacted the employer on the man’s behalf. • A Muslim woman was taking a picture for her employment badge but was forced to remove her hijab by city officials. CAIR-Chicago is investigating the matter and will advise the woman of the options available to her.


      • Five Muslims reported experiencing delays in obtaining citizenship. CAIR-Chicago is incorporating these cases into its Citizenship Delay Project.


      • Two Muslim men in prison contacted CAIR-Chicago to request religious material. CAIR-Chicago is connecting them with organizations that can provide these materials for them. • A Muslim man in prison reported having been assaulted by a prison guard. CAIR-Chicago is investigating the matter and will take whatever action deemed necessary to resolve the matter. • A Muslim man in prison reported that prison guards were obstructing his practice of Islam. He also stated that he was prohibited from praying and gathering with the other Muslim inmates. CAIR-Chicago is investigating the issue and will take whatever action deemed necessary to resolve the matter.

      Public Accommodation

      • A Muslim woman was returning merchandise at a store but was accused of removing the items within the merchandise before the return. CAIR-Chicago has advised the family and will take whatever action necessary to resolve the matter.


      • A Muslim woman reported that her application for her children to receive hot lunches at school was improperly denied. CAIR-Chicago has advised the woman on how to proceed.



Executive Director
Ahmed Rehab

Civil Rights Director
Christina Abraham

Senior Outreach Coordinator
Dina Rehab

Government Affairs Coordinator
Reema Ahmad

Operations Coordinators
Azam Azeem
Daniah Elharezi

Cultural Sensitivity Speaker
Veronica Zapata

Communications Coordinators
Reem Rahman
Amina Sharif

Staff Attorney
Kevin Vodak, Esq.

Outreach Coordinator
Gerald Hankerson

Youth Coordinator
Mokaram Rauf

Administrative Assistant
Islaam Rahim

Board of Directors
Alif Muhammad
Shahwar Syed, MD
Kimberly Newkirk
Emaad Hamwi
Khaled Taha
Ahmed Rehab
Hina Sodha, Esq.
Yaser Tabbara, Esq. - Secretary
Mazen Kudaimi, MD - Vice President
Safaa Zarzour, Esq. - President

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