Feature 322 Executive Director Speaks at the University of Arizona
CAIR-Chicago | Apr.21.09

Rehab advised the audience not to look at Muslims as a monolith but to learn how to separate the extreme from the mainstream. He also spoke about the need for dialogue, interaction, cross-cultural exchange programs, and self-education.

Feature 321 Over a Hundred Protest Congressman's Anti-Immigrant, Discriminatory Policies (VIDEO)
CAIR-Chicago | Apr.16.09

Immigrant rights activists and community leaders rallied outside the City Club of Chicago to protest Congressman Mark Kirk’s policies, while inside, Ahmed Rehab questioned him on his controversial stances on immigrant issues.

Feature 320 Join CAIR-Chicago at the Charitable "March for Babies"
CAIR-Chicago | Apr.14.09

The event helps bring awareness to infants born prematurely and to infant mortality and raises money for programs that ensure mothers have healthy, full-term pregnancies. Sign-up to join our team!

Feature 319 View Latest Civil Rights Digest
CAIR-Chicago | Apr.10.09

CAIR-Chicago's Civil Rights Department reports on the progress of recent cases involving accommodation, criminal offense, the government, education, and employment and other types of discrimination.

Feature 318 Man Unjustly Fired - CAIR-Chicago Attorney Settles Case
CAIR-Chicago | Apr.07.09

CAIR-Chicago Staff Attorney Kevin Vodak settled a case of employment discrimination on behalf of a man who believed he was terminated from his job because he is Muslim.




  • Media Advisory: Groups To Protest Congressman Kirk's Anti-Immigrant, Discriminatory Rhetoric
  • April 15, 2009     

      April 9, 2009 – April 22, 2009

      Public Accommodation

      • A Muslim woman was verbally abused by a staff member of an all women’s health club. After a final request that the gym post up forewarning notices whenever males are present on the premises, prior to entering the gym, the employee rudely shouted out phrases like: “this is America” and “there is a majority of us here, not you.” In addition to public embarrassment, the woman’s membership was revoked. CAIR-Chicago is currently working on this case in hopes of resolving the situation in a professional and timely fashion.

      • A Muslim woman, visiting Chicago, was refused service at the baggage check in station at the airport on her way back home to the west coast. After no explanation as to why she was being refused service, the woman demanded to speak to a supervisor at which point she was grabbed by the arm and pushed out of the way by one of the airline’s contracted employees; the woman is eight months pregnant. Upon requesting to file charges against the employee, the woman was told that she could not do so because the employee was contracted by another company; her complaint would have to be filed with that company. She also missed her flight and was informed that in order to get on the next flight out she would have to pay a $150 fee. CAIR-Chicago has instructed the woman to file charges against the airline with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR), and will take whatever steps deemed necessary to resolve the matter.

      Criminal Offense

      • A Muslim man contacted CAIR-Chicago asking for advice on a criminal case that was pending, against him. The man was concerned that he was being targeted for both his race and religion. CAIR had informed him of his options and referred him to a number of criminal defense attorneys.


      • Seven Muslims contacted CAIR-Chicago regarding delays in obtaining citizenship. The individuals applied for citizenship and completed all the necessary requirements. CAIR-Chicago is incorporating these cases into its Citizenship Delay Project.

      • A Muslim man, who is a U.S. citizen, was approached by the FBI for an interview. CAIR-Chicago is representing the man in his communications with the FBI.

      • A Muslim apartment complex owner was inspected by the police dept., fire dept., and the city’s inspector; although normally an inspector comes alone. The man felt that he was being retaliated against for evicting a tenant who had ties with a city employee. CAIR-Chicago advised the man on the matter.

      Employment Discrimination

      • A Muslim woman was denied her right to a photo identification card, for employment purposes, after refusing to remove her hijab. The identification card is necessary for employment at the airport. CAIR has contacted the employer and airport security regarding the matter and will take whatever steps necessary to provide the woman accommodation of her religious beliefs.

      • A Muslim man was recently laid off from his job as a “cost cutting” measure that the company was taking. After discovering that the company was hiring new employees the man demanded an explanation as to why he was let go; he was the only Muslim employee. CAIR-Chicago is currently investigating the matter.

      • A Muslim man has been trying to obtain a travel visa from his employer to visit his wife and new baby back in his home country; however, his employer has refused and ignored his request. CAIR-Chicago is currently trying to mediate the situation.

      General Discrimination

      • A Muslim man had a collections account opened against him by a commercial driver’s training facility. The contract that was agreed upon, by both parties, stated that the fees were refundable upon successful completion of the course. The man could not finish his training because he was being discriminated against by the instructors; he was not given adequate driver’s training time. The man also did not receive any prior notice that he would be taken to collections for non payment of the “refundable” fees. CAIR-Chicago has advised the man on the matter.

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