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Op-Ed: Peace Punk'd by Netanyahu, Where's Ashton Kutcher?
Huffington Post | June.17.09

"It's time Netanyahu stops pandering to his country's extreme right wing factions and gets serious about peace while the window of opportunity remains open," writes Rehab.

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Join Interfaith Vigil for Immigration Reform
CAIR-Chicago| June.16.09

CAIR-Chicago is joining with leaders from across local religious communities in support of making comprehensive immigration reform a priority on President Obama's agenda this year.

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CAIR-Chicago Rallies Support for the Employee Free Choice Act
Charlena Cleveland | June.15.09

CAIR-Chicago – along with other chapters nationwide – has partnered with Interfaith Worker Justice to rally support for the act, which ensures the ability of workers to form unions without harassment and intimidation.

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Media Digest: CAIR-Chicago Comments on Obama's Speech to the Muslim Majority world
CAIR-Chicago | June.07.09

Watch videos, listen to audio clips, and read articles from ABC, NBC, CNN, AP, AFP, Alan Colmes, Tribune, and more as CAIR-Chicago comments on the impact of Obama's recent speech in Egypt to the Muslim majority world.

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Also see Rehab's piece
on CNN.com
Obama speech in Cairo pleases American Muslims
Chicago Tribune | June.04.09

"He acknowledged the genuine challenges and aspirations of Muslims ...and showed genuine good will on behalf of the U.S. by referencing contributions of Islam and respect for Islam’s creed," said Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago.





    The following is a partial list of the cases CAIR-Chicago's Civil Rights Department worked to resolve from May 30, 2009 - June 12, 2009:


    • A Muslim man applied for permanent residency in 2006 and U.S. citizenship in 2007. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has yet to issue a response regarding either application.

    • A Muslim man has been questioned multiple times about computer work he has done in the course of his employment. He was also interrogated by federal authorities without explanation upon his departure and arrival from an international trip. The man believes he is under surveillance by a government agency.


    • A Muslim man was asked by his employer to provide transcripts proving his college coursework after having worked at his job for over one year. He believes he was unfairly targeted because of his faith, as none of the other employees were asked to submit transcripts.

    • A Muslim man has been denied by his employer a flexible schedule on Fridays in order to fulfill his religious practices. The Muslim employee is entitled to a 30 minute lunch-break every day and although he has explained that this length of time is insufficient on Friday, he is not being provided with any religious accommodation.


    • A Muslim inmate reported constant harassment of Muslims in his facility and also a specific incident in which he was verbally harassed by prison staff.


    • On her way to Tel Aviv, a U.S. citizen who is Muslim was stopped by Israeli airport officials. She was detained and questioned for over twelve hours, extensively searched, and reference was made to her being a possible suicide bomber. She was interrogated by approximately five officials and after being detained she was immediately deported back to the United States.


    • A Muslim child was subjected to several disciplinary actions (suspensions) by his school teacher. His father states that the child has never had problems at school before. He complained about the situation to the school principal and was asked to leave the building and to not return.

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Executive Director
Ahmed Rehab

Civil Rights Director
Christina Abraham

Developement Coordinator
Dina Rehab

Government Affairs Coordinator
Reema Ahmad

Operations Coordinators
Azam Azeem
Daniah Elharezi

Cultural Sensitivity Speaker
Veronica Zapata

Communications Coordinators
Reem Rahman
Amina Sharif

Staff Attorney
Kevin Vodak, Esq.

Outreach Coordinator
Gerald Hankerson

Youth Coordinator
Mokaram Rauf

Administrative Assistant
Islaam Rahim

Board of Directors
Kimberly Newkirk
Emaad Hamwi
Ahmed Rehab
Hina Sodha, Esq.
Yaser Tabbara, Esq. - Secretary
Mazen Kudaimi, MD - Vice President
Safaa Zarzour, Esq. - President

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