Feature 363 Outreach Coordinator Presents at CAIR-CA's Youth Program on the Capitol
CAIR-Chicago | Sept.24.09

CAIR-Chicago's Outreach Coordinator Gerald Hankerson recently presented at the 5th Annual Muslim Youth Leadership Program (MYLP) in Sacramento, much of which took place in the California State Capitol building.

Feature 364 CAIR-Chicago Salutes Fallen Officers at CPD's Annual Vigil
CAIR-Chicago | Sept.24.09

CAIR-Chicago joined hundreds of police officers, family, and friends to honor the 540 fallen officers who have been killed in the line of duty, and to recognize the 15,520 members of the Chicago Police Department.

Feature 362 100 people, 30 dishes, 20 cuisines at CAIR-Chicago's Office Iftar! [PHOTOS]
CAIR-Chicago | Sept.14.09

See pictures of CAIR-Chicago's first annual "Taste of Ramadan" Potluck Iftar and Cook-off. You can also read the full menu which details which country each dish came from.

Feature 361 Communications Coordinator Presents at Annual Muslim Convention
CAIR-Chicago | Sept.15.09

Sharif delivered a workshop entitled “How to be an Effective Media Spokesperson.” The seminar offered practical tips on how to communicate with media and produce stories that positively relate to American Muslims.





    The following is a partial list of complaints CAIR-Chicago's Civil Rights Department received or worked to resolve from September 5, 2009 - September 25, 2009:


    • A Muslim scholar who lives in Canada is being denied entry to the US. He has been invited to speak at a conference in Chicago.

    • A Muslim man was denied a US Passport to travel to Yemen.

    • A Muslim man reported an unauthorized search of his apartment by the Police Department. The man and several others were charged with obstruction of the peace and resisting arrest. CAIR-Chicago referred the man to a criminal defense attorney and will assist with any civil matters once the criminal issue is resolved.

    • A Muslim woman reported a raid of her apartment and threat of deportation. The woman is pregnant and suffers health problems.

    • CAIR-Chicago continues to receive complaints from the Muslim community regarding the delay in obtaining U.S. citizenship. We received three such complaints during the past three weeks. Our Citizenship Delay project remains active and continues to assist those in the USCIS process.


    • A Muslim man was discharged from his place of employment. Prior to his discharge, the man reported racist comments made by fellow employees to the union and to management. He believes he was discharged in retaliation.

    • A Muslim man developed a software program for a major corporation, but the company has now refused to compensate him or do business with him due to the man previously filing a Title VII discrimination claim. The claim, however, was resolved prior to the agreement to develop the software program.


    • A Muslim man attempted to purchase a vehicle from a private owner. The man inquired about the vehicle, but the owner accused him of being a terrorist and refused to do business with him.

    • A Muslim man was evicted from his apartment and alleges that the landlord wrongfully searched his belongings.

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