Marwa Jumma


Civil Rights Fellow

Marwa is a Civil Rights Division Fellow at Cair-Chicago. She recently earned her JD Degree from Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology. In 2017, Marwa earned a Master degree in U.S International and Transactional Law from Chicago-Kent College of Law. Marwa is from Damascus, Syria, she came to the United States under 100 Syrian women, 10,000 Syrian lives, Jussor Award in 2016. Marwa is interested in civil rights, plaintiff side employment litigation, immigration law, and international human rights law. Marwa earned her Bachelor in Law from Damascus University of law in 2012, and worked as a lawyer for two years alongside her father’s office in Damascus. Marwa intends to practice law in Illinois and devote her legal profession working for CAIR-Chicago in the future. Marwa believes as a Muslim woman that her religion commands her to stand up against injustice, and that no one should be left marginalized because of race, religion, or gender. As a Syrian woman, Marwa wants to use her legal profession to help Syrian refugees in U.S, and other minority groups who are underrepresented and for whom legal representation is otherwise unavailable. In her free time, Marwa enjoys working out, traveling, and exploring new places.

Saadia Pervaiz