Siham Naser


Operations Coordinator

Siham Naser is CAIR-Chicago’s Operations Coordinator. She recently graduated in 2017 from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Siham was an Honors College student and graduated with a degree in Finance. A CAIR-Chicago intern alum, Siham returned to our office to fill the position in the Operations Department. Throughout her undergraduate career, she served as the Senior Vice President of the Business, Finance, and Entrepreneur Association. She is also a Tau Sigma Honor Society inductee, where current social justice topics were addressed around campus. She admires being involved and making a difference in any way she can. As a member of the Management Leadership Association, Siham placed heavy importance on leadership and change. She joined CAIR-Chicago because of its strong mission and purpose of existence. Not only is the work at CAIR-Chicago impactful and meaningful, it also aligns with her personal and professional goals. She is honored to be part of an organization that defends the rights of humanity. In her free time, Siham enjoys shopping, writing, and getting involved in her community. She can be reached at

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