Thanks for Attending Our 15th Annual Banquet!


On behalf of the CAIR-Chicago chairman, board and staff, we extend our deep gratitude and appreciation to all of our guests, sponsors, volunteers, speakers, community members, family, friends, and allies for making our 15th Annual Banquet: Our Rights, Our Voices, Our Values an inspirational and successful night. 


Speakers and Highlights

This year, the our speakers were truly uplifting. Our Keynote Speaker, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib gave a rousing speech about overcoming adversity and how influential her education was growing up. She spoke about justice, honesty, and family. “It takes telling the truth, it takes choosing justice over order.” She ended her speech ensuring the community that she would be there for them, and she would be one of many voices for the Muslim community but she cannot do it without our support, and without our voices. “I will carry you with me always, but I need you to carry me.”

We also had Congressman Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, who spoke about how moved he was to be in Congress with Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, “We defend our sisters and brother of the Muslim faith. I am so moved to be a freshman classmate in Congress of a sister from Michigan, a Palestinian from Detroit.”

We would like to extend another congratulations to ourTrailblazer Awardees Dr. Dilara Sayeed and Abdelnasser Rashid who’s work and dedication to representing and uplifting the Muslim community will open many doors for so many to follow them. 

CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab’s speech focused on community support and the importance of inclusivity and making sure everyone voices are represented. “Widening the tent to include everybody is truly to make America strong.” His message about anti-bullying and speaking out

Dr. Mazen Kudaimi, CAIR-Chicago's chairman, gave the closing remarks, thanking supporters and reminding us that we are all in this for the long run.

You can learn more about our speakers here!


We had a full house Saturday with over 1,000 attendees and over 65 public officials, representing the diversity in Chicagoland and the tri-state area, in terms of ethnicity, age, gender, religion, and profession, including countless allies and partners from other communities!

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A special thanks to the incredible security team- A-Alert Security & Investigations (AASI) and their President Ricky (Zuheir) Martinez.


Thank you to all of our generous donors who made our fundraising a success. We are just $10,000 short of our $300,000 goal. 

Sheikh Hassan Aly said it better than we could: “There are hundreds of masajid and relief groups, but there is only one organization that provides pro-bono legal support to our Muslim community at large, we support them so they can support us.”

CAIR-Chicago is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are 100% tax-deductible & Zakat eligible



CAIR-Chicago in production with Salvi Media is proud to reveal our 2019 film, Our Rights, Our Voices, Our Values. This documentary style film follows our staff, our clients and the Salvi brothers who have the opportunity to work with and learn more about the Muslim community through the lens of civil rights and activism. This year, CAIR-Chicago worked hard to make sure the rights, voices, and values of the Muslim community were not only seen and heard, but resounding and clear. Anti-Muslim legislation such as the Travel Ban discrimination cases, and more have become barriers to us making change and using our voices. At CAIR-Chicago, we will continue to work to protect the rights of each and every Muslim American that comes through our doors, while protect civil rights, fight bigotry, and promote tolerance.

View our 2018 Film: Our Rights, Our Voices, Our Values here!

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Can you spot yourself in our photo gallery? Photos are courtesy of the talented photographers Kareem Bazaraa and Ayah Elkossei! 

View our photo gallery here!

Please be sure to credit photographers when sharing their photos! 


This year's banquet was presided over by 70 staff and volunteers who were hard to miss all decked out in their peach and black uniforms! Between registration, photography, and ushering, our program could not have been as successful without the hard work from our volunteers. We wish to thank the amazing volunteers who worked incredibly hard to present the community with an evening befitting of its stature!




We are also thankful for the tremendous support of our key partners from the Chicagoland mosques, coalitions, interfaith groups, companies, law firms, and official sponsors. 
See the complete list of sponsors here!


We wish to thank the 65 public officials including both Illinois Senators, a dozen congressmen, Mayor Emanuel, and a number of state, city, and county officials who sent us letters of support this year, and those officials who attended our banquet including the consul generals of several countries. 

CAIR-Chicago is a leading advocate of American Muslims, helping build mutual understanding and respect at a time when such values are under attack.
— Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, US Congressman

Watch the Banquet Speeches

Missed the banquet? You can watch the incredible speeches here! Hope to see you next year!


Annual Report

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Our official 2018 Annual Report is here! This 68-page report details the work of each department at CAIR-Chicago and some of our highlights and accomplishments over the past twelve months. For 15 years, CAIR-Chicago has been at the forefront of change and advocacy. In our fourteen years of service, CAIR-Chicago has handled over 5,200 civil rights cases of anti-Muslim discrimination, negotiated $1.62 million directly to clients in discrimination cases, conducted 1,458 mainstream media interviews receiving over 18,500 mentions, and graduated over 800 interns.  

You can view our 2018 annual report here.