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Jazmin Alvarado

Communications Intern - Spring/Summer 2019

Jazmin Alvarado was Chicago born and raised, specifically from the Humboldt Park area. Working, going to school, and doing an internship are all pretty hard for a student to take on, but Jazmin wants to do it. She is currently studying to get her Bachelor’ degree in graphic design at Flashpoint Chicago. After producing graphic design work for four years, she wanted to focus on making important critical art that can make a difference. She chose CAIR-Chicago because they believe in fighting for civil rights. Being exposed to hate and racism simply from being born into a minority group is not unseen by her. CAIR-Chicago does everything she wish she could; she is of Mexican descent and there is a lot she wishes she can advocate equality. She will learn everything she can and incorporate it into the world through her work. We all deserve to life in a world where no one should be judged by the color, language, or religion and stopping hate is what she is all about. Personal interest include designing art, running, baking goods, traveling, participating in protests, and camp fires while making s’mores.



Lacey Latch

Communications Intern - Spring 2019

Lacey is a spring Communications Intern at CAIR-Chicago and an undergraduate student at DePaul University dual-majoring in Journalism and Media & Cinema Studies. She is originally from a small town in New Jersey but has made her way to the Windy City to begin telling some of the most important stories of today. Lacey gravitated toward working with CAIR because of the importance placed on the voices of marginalized communities and CAIR's devotion to ensuring that an accurate representation of Muslims has a presence in mainstream media. When she's not reporting, she enjoys FaceTiming her dogs back home and failing to choose something new on Netflix, ultimately settling on watching "30 Rock" for the hundredth time. 



Nuseybe Yagmur

Outreach Intern - Spring 2019

Nuseybe is an undergraduate student majoring in Islamic Studies at American Islamic College. She has previously volunteered at non-profit organizations aimed towards youth groups or refugees. She joined CAIR-Chicago because she believes it will help her learn more about the injustice and bigotry aimed towards Muslim Americans and ways to create a fair, unbiased world.  As an outreach intern, Nuseybe wants to meet, engage with different communities and faith groups in the Chicagoland area and learn skills for her future career. During her free time, Nuseybe enjoys reading books or traveling, exploring different places and their cultures.



Aya Mahjoub

Civil Rights Intern - Spring 2019

Aya Mahjoub is a law student at DePaul University College of Law. She is originally from Ohio but attended the University of Pittsburgh, completing her degree with a major in psychology as well as a certificate in Arabic Language and Linguistics. Being of Syrian-American descent, Aya has focused her studies on Immigration Law and has completed the one-year long Immigration and Asylum Clinic at DePaul Law. She hopes to graduate in the Spring of 2019 and pursue a career focusing on helping clients with their immigration and asylum cases. In her free time, Aya enjoys traveling with her family, trying new cuisines, and attempting to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie. 



Mesut Mamaloglu

Research Intern - Winter 2019

Mesut Mamaloglu is an undergraduate student at American Islamic College majoring in Islamic Studies. He has previously volunteered at a non-profit that focused on youth education. Mesut is excited to be a part of the CAIR-Chicago team. During his tenure at CAIR, Mesut wants to learn more about the Muslim community in Chicago and the workings of a successful non-profit organization. He also wants to improve his research skills while working on projects for the benefit of the Muslims. He hopes to implement the knowledge and skills he attains from his internship to future research projects that he wants to conduct regarding Islam and America. In his free time, he enjoys talking walks along Lake Michigan and listening to podcasts.



Eric Forehand

Research Intern - Winter 2019

Eric Forehand is working in the Research Department for the Winter Term. Eric is currently a sophomore at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, studying Arabic, Government, and Environmental Science. He has previously worked coaching and tutoring fellow students, in addition to interning at an immigration law firm. He is excited for this opportunity at CAIR-Chicago to help fight injustice and bigotry aimed towards Muslim-Americans and working to create a more tolerant and equitable world. He hopes to learn skills at CAIR-Chicago that he will be able to use beyond his tenure here. Eric enjoys running, hiking, or just spending time outdoors with friends and family. A big fan of all-things music, he loves to play piano in his spare-time.  



Jason Simons

Research Intern - Winter 2019

Jason Simons is a Winter term research intern at CAIR-Chicago. He is currently an undergraduate student at Benedictine University pursuing dual degrees in Business Analytics and Finance. He has previously interned and volunteered at several nonprofit organizations geared towards supporting people with job training skills. He is excited to grow his research and writing skills while supporting a noble cause at CAIR-Chicago. He believes in the values of CAIR-Chicago and is excited to support their mission of helping American-Muslims fight discrimination and injustices that occur nationwide. In recent years, he has focused his free time on traveling, enjoying nature’s beauty and spending time with family and friends


Nada Afaneh

Operations Extern - Winter 2019

Nada worked in Telecommunications companies for 5 years before moving to Chicago. Currently, Nada is pursuing her MBA from DeVry University. She previously worked for other non-profit organizations that were concerned in empowering people for a better living. From each experience she had been through, she learned a lot and gained new skills that improved her personality on the professional and personal levels, and now she is eager to get new experiences from CAIR-Chicago. CAIR-Chicago holds values that Nada always believed in and is passionate about. In her free time, Nada enjoys cooking and trying new recipes, she also likes to explore new places. 



Bayan Fares

Outreach Fellow - Winter/Summer 2019

Bayan, 22, is an Outreach fellow at CAIR-Chicago. She is a Master’s student at the School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago. She graduated from Valparaiso University with a Bachelor of Social Work where she served as a United Way of Porter County Intern, President of the MSA, and Founder of Banat (a professional women’s networking group). Over the years, she has traveled to six countries (including Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Syria). These experiences have helped build her passion for human rights, service, and networking which led her to this CAIR-Chicago internship.



Abu Ubaida

Operations Intern - Winter 2019

Abu Ubaida is a student of American Islamic College in his final year of bachelor’s degree program in Islamic studies.  He is an immigrant from Pakistan where, in Karachi, he was running his books and stationary store.  In Chicago, he started driving a taxi cab.  In the meantime, he studied at the Truman College and obtained Associate degree in 2012.  He feels excited on learning that CAIR-Chicago is determined to support American Muslims against prejudice and discrimination for being Muslims, and that, it has made it a point to fight for bigotry and prejudice on the basis of faith.  He hopes to learn a good deal from CAIR-Chicago during the tenure of his internship.



Joseph Milburn

Law Clerk - Winter 2019

Joe Milburn is a law student at DePaul University College of Law. He is originally from St. Louis where he went to Saint Louis University and double majored in Criminal Justice and Political Science. In college, Joe served as community service chair for his MSA. When Joe lived in St. Louis, he was a Government Affairs intern for CAIR-Missouri and co-founded a soup kitchen at West Florissant Masjid in St. Louis. Joe hopes to become a civil rights attorney that is of service to all marginalized communities while having a focus on fighting against Islamophobia as well as discrimination against those with disabilities (especially those who have Autism). In Joe’s free time (which is almost never due to the pressures of law school) Joe likes to work out, binge watch Law & Order: SVU, go mosque hopping (especially in Ramadan), learn about Islam, and go kayaking. Staying true to his Saint Louis roots, Joe being a Cardinals fan does not wish well for the Cubs! Staying true to his Scottish heritage, Joe is eager to wear his kilt at just about any occasion! Joe is currently in the process of teaching himself how to speak both Bosnian and Arabic.



Sufyan Shaltaf

Civil Rights Intern - Winter 2019

Sufyan Shaltaf is a Palestinian-American Muslim who is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago pursuing dual degrees in Biochemistry and Political Science. Sufyan was born to Jordanian-Palestinian immigrants in East Chicago, IN, and raised with a strong moral and work ethic. He is an aspiring attorney and hopes to begin law school in the Fall of 2019. Sufyan is involved in various efforts in the Chicagoland area geared towards reducing the health, economic, and educational disparities which exist for marginalized, underrepresented, and underprivileged communities. In his personal life, Sufyan is the proud companion of 3 cats: Yogi, Pretty, and Einstein. He enjoys reading, watching nature documentaries and (basically all) sports, running, playing basketball, and listening to reggaeton and classical music.


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