CAIR-Chicago Staff Meet the Professor of Peace


Today, September 11, 2018, CAIR-Chicago staff members gathered to meet with the “Professor of Peace” Padraig O’Malley to discuss youth engagement efforts for Muslim across the world. Professor O’Malley is the founder of GAME, Global Alliance of Muslims for Equality, and international initiative to provide Muslim youth with a sense of belonging, collective community, and a greater cause greater than themselves.

During the meeting, CAIR-Chicago staff discussed the GAME project, a four-day conference geared towards facilitating discussion and reflection of issues facing the Muslim community and the role young Muslims will play in reshaping the narrative of how Muslims are perceived.

CAIR-Chicago is committed to supporting and inspiring young Muslim leaders with programing that supports their visions and allows for the development of skills necessary for success. We address this in two ways; our internship program offers students a great opportunity to learn, interact, and grow in a friendly and diverse environment. Our program is career-oriented and based in grassroots activism. To learn more or apply for an internship, please visit our Intern Center. In addition, our Muslim Youth Leadership Symposium (MYLS) is a yearly program designed to promote civic engagement and leadership among Muslim youth. This year, our program will be October 27 at the American Islamic College. More information and registration coming soon. To learn more about the GAME Project, please contact our Deputy Director, Sufyan Sohel at

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