Patch: Cubs, Muslim Leaders Agree On Plan To Fight Islamophobia


CHICAGO — The Cubs are working with Muslim organizations to implement a plan of action against Islamophobia after Joe Ricketts' racist emails were leaked earlier this month. His son, Cubs' chairman Tom Ricketts, met with the organizations' leaders on Feb. 8 to discuss prejudice and how to mend relations moving forward.

The plan of action includes:

  • The participation of notable Muslims in Cubs and Wrigley Field traditions; 

  • Anti-hate public service announcements featuring Cubs personnel helping to raise public awareness against Islamophobia;

  • Cubs support for three community initiatives: anti-bullying efforts, diversity and inclusion training and scholarships.

"We are encouraged that the Cubs, led by Tom Ricketts, responded swiftly and genuinely in partnering with us to turn the situation around. As a result, the Cubs are taking a significant step forward and will use the power of their brand and voice to fight Islamophobia, racism and bigotry," said CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab in a statement.

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