CAIR-Chicago Welcomes 2019 Summer Intern Cohort!


At CAIR-Chicago, we know that the best way to be a voice is to be active in all parts of society. That's why we welcome interns with all career aspirations--artists, journalists, policy-makers, analysts, you name it.

We give them the tools to make the world a better place. We push the envelope because we believe it's the only effective way of bringing about change.

Last week, we held orientation for our Summer 2019 intern class. It consists of students from over 9 different states. Among them, over 10 languages are spoken. The summer class consists of over 30 interns--and it's bound on growing. They come to CAIR-Chicago to learn how to be tomorrow's leaders, artists, and activists. With your help, you can help us shape tomorrow's leaders for a better future.

You can learn more about this intern class here.