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Media Monitors Network: We are Not Done With Racism - Yet

"One of the most enduring qualities of America is its ability to bring together different cultures and allow them a space to settle into the fabric of this nation. It is the secret of our success as a nation, yet it is increasingly under attack from those who espouse a mono-cultural America. We need to take a shared responsibility and give voice to a consistent message, that hate speech and marginalization of any group must not be tolerated."

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Media Advisory: Loyola University Students Unite in Protest of Controversial Speaker

On Thursday, March 23, 2006, the Loyola Student Coalition Against Bigotry (LSCAB) is holding a peaceful rally and rebuttal against controversial speaker Ann Coulter, who is scheduled to speak about “Liberal Lies about the Conservative Right” on the Loyola Lakeshore campus at 7pm, that same day.

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