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New America Media: Is New Reality Series ‘Cosby Show’ for Muslims?

Amina Sharif, communications director for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) office in Chicago, said she is hopeful for the new series, because it will offer “a more mainstream image of American Muslims. They are often stereotyped and misunderstood because of negative portrayals in media and pop culture. [This program] is normalizing Muslims,” said Sharif. “That’s the way [of] American culture – we needed 'The Cosby Show' to help normalize African American families. In this society public opinion is shaped mainly by media and pop culture,” she said.

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CAIR-Chicago Attends Latino Caucus / ICIRR Press Conference

CAIR-Chicago's Executive Director, Ahmed Rehab, and CAIR-Chicago's Communications Coordinator, Sultan Muhammad, joined activists from other Chicago organizations in a press conference held for the newly Latino elected Illinois officials and the Latino caucus

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