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Chicago Tribune: Many faces under the hijab

As a Muslim woman who wears a headscarf herself, Syed is particularly concerned with the misconceptions of Muslim women who choose to cover their hair and dress modestly. "After 9/11, I noticed people were confused, not wanting to learn but just going on what they see in the media," said Syed, 36. "The impression it leaves is … that Muslim women are being oppressed, suppressed, abused and forced on — everything that Islam does not stand for. Islam respects women.

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Medill Reports: For Muslims in the U.S., discrimination is an uncomfortable fact of life

“If you enter any Islamic mosque or center and talk to Muslims there, almost every single one has been a victim of discrimination or harassment of some kind,” Sharif said. A Gallup Poll released last week showed that 53 percent of Americans view Islam negatively and more than four out of 10 admit to being at least a little prejudiced against Muslims.

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