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ACTION ALERT: Attend bill signing for Cook County Ordinance and forum to get the facts about immigration

Action requested: Attend the bill signing of the Cook County ICE Detainer Ordinance AND a community forum to get the facts about deportations, the President's announcement, Secure Communities, and the Cook County ICE Ordinance. Join 130+ religious institutions, service agencies, community organizations, unions, and chambers of commerce that believe that we are One Nation, One Dream...

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ACTION ALERT: Attend Public Hearing by I.C.E., Take a Stand Against Cruel Deportations

On Wednesday, August 17th, ICE is coming to Chicago to have a public hearing on Secure Communities, the broken deportation program that is catching non-criminals, separating families, and draining law enforcement resources.

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Treatment of Immigrant Prisoners are Finally Revealed

I would like to thank you and Amy Taxin of the Associated Press for exposing the unfair and unconstitutional conditions that immigrant prisoners are forced to endure in American prisons. The article, “Report: ICE violates rights” (from the July 29 issue), provides your readers with a much needed opportunity to learn about how the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are stripping away the rights and privileges of immigrant inmates.

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