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VOA News: Muslim Americans in Illinois Criticize Capitol Hill Hearing

"The whole issue of Muslim community, radicalization, Islamaphobia, etc, it is being politicized more and more," said Ahmed Rehab. "And as we approach the next presidential elections, I fear it may explode just like it did with the last presidential election cycle. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that this is happening. It’s not good for our nation. It’s not an intelligent way to discuss the issues. It’s insulting."

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Muslim Action Day - 1 WEEK AWAY - Sign-up!

Sign-up and Participate in Muslim Action Day!! Meet with elected officials and make your voice heard. Join Muslims from across the state, of all backgrounds and ages, for a day at our state capitol. Hear from State Senators, Representatives and other officials while having the opportunity to stand up for yourself and your community to the officials that represent you.

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Illinois Muslim Action Day 2010

On April 22, 2010, Muslim youth, leaders, and activists from all over Illinois will join in Springfield to lobby members of the Illinois General Assembly. This event, organized by the Council of Islamic Organization of Greater Chicago and sponsored by CAIR-Chicago and Zakat Foundation, is expected to bring together hundreds of Muslim Americans and advocates of the community. Last year, there were over 450 participants, and organizers are hoping for even more this year.

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