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Lack of Investigation is Disgraceful

It is hard to understand how the investigation of soldiers allegedly posting photographs of Iraqi corpses on the internet in exchange for access to online pornography has already been dismissed because of lack of evidence. With as much technology as the U.S. Army has, why can it not be concluded without a doubt that soldiers did not post pictures of Iraqi war dead?

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Nonexistent Democracy

Reading about how 74 percent of Americans do not believe “the goal of overthrowing Iraq’s authoritarian government and establishing a democracy was by itself a good enough reason to go to war” should make all Americans wonder if describing their beloved country as a democracy is still appropriate (“55% reject using force to spread democracy,” Sept. 30).

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Equal Rights Needed Here First

There is a myth circulating around the world that women’s rights in the West are perfect. Thus any other body of rights is automatically labeled as discriminatory. In his column Derrick Z. Jackson propagates this myth by claiming, “It would be a travesty of American women, who have fought for equality to the level of dying in the military, did all this dying only to watch the burials of women’s rights in Iraq” (“What are our women fighting for?” Aug. 15).

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