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Radio Islam: The Challenge of Balancing National Security and Civil Rights

"The core of the problem is that Muslims are seen as a Monolith by the media and so when one Muslim commits and act of terror or error, all Muslims are brought to bear for that Act. And that kinda of mentality does not exist for other communities because of the nuanced understanding of other communities," said Ahmed Rehab.

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American Muslim: Death of Imam W. D. Muhammad, A Colossal Loss

In the Name of God, the Subtle, the Loving The news came as an enormous shock. I felt an immediate sadness, a feeling of tremendous loss. I was walking out of the hospital when I learned that Imam W.D. Muhammad had passed away; I will always remember where I was when that happened. Imam W.D. Muhammad was truly an American Muslim leader: embodying all that was good about both America and the Muslim community.

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Chicago Sun Times: IMAM WARITH DEEN MOHAMMED | 1933-2008 'IMAM OF AMERICA' | Leader Praised for Integrity, Humility

One of America's most revered religious leaders died Tuesday in the south suburbs.According to the Cook County medical examiner's office, 74-year-old Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, longtime leader of the millions-strong American Society of Muslims, was pronounced dead shortly after noon.

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