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Chicago Sun-Times: Holiday lights shouldn't have us seeing stars

I guess when you don't have the guts to call someone a terrorist, anti-American grinch will do. Elizabeth Zahdan might as well have been burning the flag or an effigy of President Bush when she hung up Ramadan lights at an Oak Lawn elementary school a few days back, prompting outrage from other parents and subsequently forcing Ridgeland School District 122 to consider a ban on Christmas and Halloween parties.

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CNN Glenn Beck Show: CAIR-Chicago Defends Equal Representation of Ramadan

AHMED REHAB, EXEC. DIR., CAIR-CHICAGO: It is not the pluralistic, inclusive, educated America that we try to teach our children to embrace. They’re trying to exclude Muslims from celebrating their festivities. No Muslim involved in this raucous at any point wanted to remove Christmas or Hanukkah or even Halloween from the school festivities. All they wanted to do was to bring in Ramadan.

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Dan Rea Nightside WBZ Newsradio 1030: Ramadan Joins Christmas, Hanukkah at Local Chicago School

CAIR-Chicago executive director, Ahmed Rehab, discusses the recent successful inclusion of Ramadan along with Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations after opposition from parents at a local public school. Dan Rea and Rehab also discuss how the reasonable accommodation of all cultures and religions is central to American pluralism.

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