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Chicago Sun-Times Relentless in Anti-Islam Cartoons

A few days ago, members of our media monitor team were quite disturbed to note the publication of the above cartoon portraying the Prophet Muhammad, yet again, as a violent hooligan. The editorial cartoon indicates that it is the Chicago Sun-Times position that Islam is a violent religion.

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Media Advisory: Town Hall Meeting: CAIR-Chicago and ICNA-Chicago to Hold a Public Community Debate and Discussion of the Cartoons

Following the Press Conference at 6:00 at the same facility, the Chicago Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations will hold an open community forum on the cartoons in conjunction with the Chicago Chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). The Public debate and discussion will address many questions related to the controversy and the ensuing reactions around the world.

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Press Release: CAIR-UIUC Response to the Daily Illini Printing the Prophet Cartoons

The promises of the first amendment are a critical foundation to our great nation. However, free speech is not a license for irresponsible journalism. While the Daily Illini's reprinting of the Danish Cartoons within its February 9th editorial section may not have violated our laws, the decision did violate human decency.

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