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WBEZ, Worldview: Christina Abraham talks about relations between Syrian ethnic and religious groups

CAIR-Chicago's Civil Rights Director, Christina Abraham, is interviewed about Syria's various ethnic and religious groups and how the uprising has affected relations between them.

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France Burqa Ban Misses the Point

"Far from a victory in the fight for women’s rights, France’s ban of the burqa, the head-to-toe covering worn by some Muslim women, is a red herring, a deflection, and a blow for free societies everywhere," writes Christina Abraham, CAIR-Chicago's Civil Rights Director.

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CBS News: Air Security Murky On Issue Of Religious Headware

"In the interest of national security I don't mind [being searched]. American Muslims are also concerned about remaining safe. But we should not be singled out because of our religious beliefs," said Amina Sharif, CAIR-Chicago's Communications Coordinator.

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