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Help Islamophobe Steven Emerson Raise $10K for CAIR-Chicago

The success of the recent CAIR-Chicago 2012 banquet has been roundly positive from almost everyone: the speakers, awardees, guests, and even the media. But the success of the Chicago Muslim community has left one man agonizing and lashing out in bitter disappointment and desperation. Anti-Muslim, self-styled "terrorism expert" Steven Emerson has published a hysterical piece on IPT, his controversial blog, throwing everything and the kitchen sink at pretty much everyone: CAIR-Chicago, its Executive Director Ahmed Rehab, Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, Professor John Esposito, Sheikh Kifah Mustapha, and others.

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ABC News: CAIR-Chicago discusses Islamophobic smear campaign against Chicago Imam, Sheikh Kifah

"He is a man of great integrity...He's looking to truly serve his country and his community. Muslims who serve every day in the Illinois State Police deserve a chaplain of their own faith," said Ahmed Rehab, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). "Our concern is that the Illinois State Police is kowtowing to articles online published by notorious anti-Muslims who have been in the business of smearing Muslim activists leaders and Imams for the longest time," said Rehab

"It is essentially guilt by association," said Christina Abraham.

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