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Steve Emerson is a Liar, No surprise there

Devoid of credentials, Emerson still tries hard to run himself off as some sort of independent "expert" on Islam and Muslims, and yet the hit pieces he fills his blog with are often empty of substance and instead replete with anti-Muslim hysterics.

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ABC News: CAIR-Chicago discusses Islamophobic smear campaign against Chicago Imam, Sheikh Kifah

"He is a man of great integrity...He's looking to truly serve his country and his community. Muslims who serve every day in the Illinois State Police deserve a chaplain of their own faith," said Ahmed Rehab, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). "Our concern is that the Illinois State Police is kowtowing to articles online published by notorious anti-Muslims who have been in the business of smearing Muslim activists leaders and Imams for the longest time," said Rehab

"It is essentially guilt by association," said Christina Abraham.

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Career Hatemonger Steven Emerson Enraged by CAIR-Chicago’s Positive Social Engagement

The simple fact is that while Emerson desperately tries to run himself off as a “terrorism expert,” a cursory view of his website quickly reveals that, all too-often, the targets of his so-called investigations and reports are not terrorist groups but mainstream American Muslim organizations like CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, MAS, etc.

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Islam Online: "Obsession" Irks US Muslims

US Muslims are infuriated by a controversial anti-Islam documentary being widely circulated across the country, including with many leading newspapers, to scare Americans from Islam and Muslims."The film goes beyond an honest critique of terrorism and radicalism," Ahmed Rehab, strategic communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), told the Tampa Tribune on Sunday, September 21.

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