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MEDIA DIGEST: CAIR-Chicago Responds to "Burn A Koran Day" and Islamophobia with Outreach and Education

With Pastor Terry Jones' "Burn A Koran Day" fiasco and the ongoing Park51 debate taking center stage in the media, CAIR-Chicago is taking action. We are challenging misinformation and anti-Muslim rhetoric through interfaith and outreach efforts to educate the public. You may have also seen us in the news recently, adding balanced and informed perspectives to public discourse.

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The National: Quran burning ‘a staged event that has grown like a cancer’

“There’s a problem with Islamophobia in this country and that’s a bad thing. But the good news is that it’s bubbling to the surface and we’re going to deal with it,” said Ahmed Rehab. “There needs to be a conversation that’s not being had. To be quite specific, where do we stand on American Muslims and their role in this country? Do they belong?”

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