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Framing Terrorism: When Word Choice Speaks Volumes

The way in which a story is told through the use of specific terminology is crucial to the impression it leaves upon its audience. For this reason, the Chicago Tribune’s recent coverage of five Cleveland men who attempted to blow up a highway bridge is problematic.

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Kony 2012: How would the media report on Joseph Kony if he was Muslim?

The way in which KONY 2012 is being reported illustrates a clear bias and double standard in reporting. The crimes that Kony and the LRA have committed are acts of terror and should be labeled as such.

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Fox News: Rehab Discusses Body Scanners and Racial Profiling

"Critics argue when you think about it, for the most part, all of the people who try to blow airliners out of the sky look alike," Doocy said. "False," replied Ahmed Rehab. "False information. Not true. I mean, we don't have to go far. The last guy that tried to take down a plane was a young African. And in the past, prior to that incident, we were looking for Middle eastern-looking men. Next time it could be an Asian guy. So no, they don't always look alike."

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