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Orlando Sentinel: Politicians are politely avoiding Tea Party Convention

As the Tea Party convention comes to Daytona Beach, many polititians declined their invitation not wanting to associate themselves with speakers like Pamela Geller, an anti-Muslim activist. "In other states, elected officials have pulled out and do not want to be on the same stage as her," said CAIR media-relations director Ahmed Rehab.

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CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab to Speak at ISNA Convention - July 1-4

The ISNA Convention is a meeting place of people and ideas, where American Muslims discuss their role in society, politics, media, activism, and education. The event will feature numerous world renowned scholars and Muslim leaders. CAIR-Chicago's executive director, Ahmed Rehab, will be presenting on two panels over the weekend. On Saturday, Rehab will be presenting to youth groups on the importance of staying abreast of current events and contributing to society, and on Sunday he will discuss how social media is making a difference within the realm of activism, media outreach and pluralism.

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