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Tickets now available for our 9th Annual Banquet: #HateFree

Our 9th Annual Banquet is now set to take place on Saturday, May 4th, 2013, at 6:00 p.m. at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. Mark your calendars and please show your support by attending. Buy tickets here!

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Ahmed Rehab to Speak at American Islamic College Fundraising Dinner - August 19th

"I strongly believe in the mission, vision and leadership of the American Islamic College (AIC). The AIC is a unique institution in the Chicagoland area, and indeed in the United States. It is one of the nation’s first and only Islamic colleges. The college is housed in a historic landmark building in a strategic location minutes from the lake," writes Ahmed Rehab.

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Join CAIR-Chicago at the Charitable "March for Babies"

CAIR-Chicago has teamed up with the Muslim Womens' Alliance and the Inner-city Muslim Action Network (IMAN) to participate in the 2009 March for Babies walk.

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