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ABC 7: Ahmed Rehab Back From Egypt and Reflecting on the Revolution

"The stereotype that the Arab world, or the Muslim world, is forever stuck between dictatorship on one end and Islamist extremist theocracy a la Iran on the other end has been defeated with the people saying there's a third alternative. It's called democracy and that's what we want," said Rehab.

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“He gave a 50,000-word speech that didn’t include the only word people wanted to hear, which is goodbye, said Ahmed Rehab, a democracy activist from Chicago in Egypt to join the protests. "Everybody was just sitting there not listening except for that word and when they didn’t hear it, that’s it, they were done. They didn’t want to hear anything else.”

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Red Eye Radio: Speaking with Ahmed Rehab in Cairo

"I think in order to have a true democracy, all segments of society, including the Muslim Brotherhood, including the left-wing socialists, including Copts [Egyptian Christians] who have been traditionally marginalized in national politics, need to be represented. We need to believe that democracy allows everybody to have a voice," said Ahmed Rehab regarding how the future Egyptian political system should function.

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MSNBC, The Ed Show: Ahmed Rehab Discusses the Latest Developments in Egypt

"What I can tell you is that one of the demands of this revolution was change. People want democracy. They want freedom. They want human rights," said Ahmed Rehab. "They want transparency in government. And they want an end to the politically corrupt atmosphere that really permeates many levels of government. Not just at the very top, but through all levels."

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