Why support Chicago 2016

TEN reasons why CAIR-Chicago supports Chicago’s Olympic Bid for 2016:

1. Chicago’s unmatched diversity will not only receive the world as our guest, but it will offer the world to our guests.

2. Chicago offers visitors world-class architecture, manicured green spaces, a downtown that is in a league of its own, a glamorous lakefront, and some of the world’s greatest centers of art and culture.

3. The Olympic village will be in close proximity to the city center, the lake, and sprawling public parks.

4. The city is served by an efficient network of roads and highways.

5. The Olympics will bring a massive economic boom to our city.

6. CAIR-Chicago serves a 400,000 strong American-Muslim community in the Chicagoland area which we believe can and will play a significant role in joining with our brothers and sisters of other faiths and backgrounds to make our Olympic dream come true.

7. It is a project that pools the collective resources of Chicago's various communities together, uniting us all under a common cause that benefits us all.

8. Mayor Richard M. Daley has pledged to make the city the greenest in the country.

9. We are Chicago nationalists.

10. Chicago is a city that embodies the Olympic spirit of camaraderie, hard work, and fair play. Ours is a natural home to the world’s biggest sporting event.

More to come…

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