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CAIR-Chicago Staff Attorney Kevin Vodak speaks on “Welcome to Shelbyville” panel

The panel sought to engage community members in a discussion regarding the problems some Americans have in adjusting to and interacting with new immigrant populations.

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Communications Coordinator Amina Sharif Speaks at DePaul University

Communications Coordinator Amina Sharif presented to a DePaul University class on multiculturalism and democracy. Sharif’s presentation aimed to give students a broad understanding of the Muslim-American community in terms of its ethnic diversity, socioeconomic levels and political beliefs.

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Communications Coordinator to Present at DePaul University

CAIR-Chicago Communications Coordinator, Amina Sharif, will be giving a presentation at a DePaul University class entitled "Multiculturalism and Democracy: Middle East Communities in the United States." The course focuses on issues of political socialization and identity.

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