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New Anti-Trespassing Law Could be Dangerous for Activists

Reflecting on a tumultuous year of Occupy movements and the Arab Spring, the U.S. government has passed not one, but two new anti-protesting laws. With the exclusion of single word - from “willingly and knowingly” to simply “knowingly” - the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act is further restricting Americans first amendment rights.

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Muslims Reflect on 9/11 on 10th Anniversary - A CAIR-Chicago Film

CAIR-Chicago staff members look back on the 9/11 terrorist attacks, share their stories, and explain how we as a nation can move forward after 10 years.

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DePaul Class Visits CAIR-Chicago

A group of DePaul students visited CAIR-Chicago’s downtown office this past Monday to learn about the organization’s services for immigrant communities. This visit was a part of DePaul’s course, “Discover Chicago: Immigrant Youth in Chicago.”

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