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Poll monitor training - November 1st at CAIR-Chicago!

Illinois is home to the Midwest’s largest Asian American population, which grew by 41% in the last 10 years! This election year, help protect the voting rights of the Asian American community so that their political voice can be fully heard!

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CAIR-Chicago and ICIRR team up to get out the vote!

CAIR-Chicago and ICIRR (Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights) are partnering to encourage and mobilize residents of Illinois' 8th congressional district to vote in this year's general election.

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Our Voice, Our Vote: Muslim Americans Are Viable Partners in Deciding America's Future

We are the most diverse religious community in this nation, representing people different needs and interests, who grow in complexity and variance. We all pay taxes to maintain the upkeep of our neighborhoods and its institutions. And we have a responsibility to make our voice count—we can, and should vote.

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